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Mike has dedicated from the time he met me til now to make sure I can get a start of my career going. The Movers has stuck by me since day one. Trying to find studios, photographers, videographers that can fit in my budget. If you need people for your projects, they are the team to go with. Their loyalty is truly remarkable. -Lawrence Campfeild

Who are we?

We are NOT a marketing agency, a booking agency, a management agency, a recording studio, a producer, a TV studio, a video production company, a million dollar company, or your average record label.
We ARE a brand that creatively develops upcoming musicians by providing a hand in new projects, expanding their reach, and helping to further monetize their craft without boundaries.
We are a collective of musicians, venues, producers, photographers, videographers, studios, and many other industry professionals who support our mission, to put original talent back in the mix.

We Are





A Live Mic Artist is a musician who creates and shares their stories with the world through music with a goal of putting original music into the ears of listeners all over with a brand to stand behind them

Dan McAree

Head A&R

Taylor Scibilia

Head of Publishing

Jamal Stewart

Head of Hip Hop

Mike Foschino

Founder / Owner

Check out Mikes story below!

James Colon

Equipment Consultant / Purchaser

Travis Rivera

Head of Artist Development

Joe Rizzo

Artist Public Relations

Do you want to be a Live Mic Artist?  Show us what ya got!

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