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Confident – Live Mic Music
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Artist: Jacob Restituto
Genre: Indie Rock
Available Now On:
1. Confident
2. Say We're Sorry
3. I Need the Sun to Break
About New Album

Jacob is a 23-year-old musician from Long Island, New York. Coming up on four years as a professional in the industry, he has released over 28 songs and has committed to releasing a new single each month for the year of 2018. His most recognized and well-received song is “I Need the Sun to Break” with over 405,000 streams on Spotify.

This Long Island musician is making international noise. In his best month to date, Jacob had over 60,000 unique monthly listeners on Spotify. While about 12,000 of the listeners were from the United States, the remaining 48,000 came from over 20 countries overseas. His top three performing international locations were Germany, Singapore, and the Philippines. Jacob desires to make good quality, wholesome music that listeners of all ages can relate to and be moved by.

In his songwriting process, Jacob often draws inspiration from his personal experience. His song “Marry Me” tells the story of his relationship with his fiancé from their first date to their engagement. While on the contrary, his new single “Say We’re Sorry” is about arguing with a loved one. Additionally, “I Saw Human” recounts Jacob’s encounter with a homeless man in Queen’s, NY.

His genre has evolved from an acoustic singer/songwriter to a bit more contemporary rock/pop with electric guitars and sampled drum hits.

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