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Content Creation


Whats the first step in self promotion? Good Pictures! We have a team of photographers to fit everyone’s budget.  We will shoot on location of your choice in our surrounding area.  We are based out of Long Island NY.  We’ll do anything from soloist shots to full band shoots.  Get yourself some good quality photos without breaking the bank!

Album Artwork

Have an idea for an album cover but just don’t know how to make it come to life?  We’ll take care of it for you!  We have a team of graphic designers who can create anything you have on your mind.  From real time photos to cartoon design work.  Let us make you your dream album cover!

Music Video Production

Our team at Moverz Productions can make your imagination a reality by putting together a custom music video with just about anything you have in mind.  On location filming, green screen work, professional editing, everything you need for a high quality video without having to throw your wallet away.  

Podcast Access

Every artist has a story, right?  Well we want to hear it.  On our Podcast, Rizzo on the Move, we show the world the person behind the art.  Have a sit down conversation with our host, Joe Rizzo, from a remote location, or join us at our studio, and tell all of our listeners who you real