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A Network Of Opportunity


Live Mic Music has officially launched its Members Only Network.  We all know the struggle about getting paid for your music, and we’ve tapped into a growing industry with potential income for any and all musicians.  Our network allows your music to be stored in our cloud and used for worldwide opportunities to have your music used in TV/ Films / Advertisements / Retail Stores, etc.  Check out some more details below and sign up for updates and claim your spot!

Music Cloud Storage

Creatives need to focus on their career, developing their skills and all aspects of their creative work. Saving time and being organised is key.

Store, backup and manage all your media files in one central location. Access 24/7 from any device. Upload, download, share and transfer media with collaborators and clients.

Catalog Management

Manage all your master recording files (wav files) and MP3s in one location. Create a database of your song information, writer splits and PRO registration data allowing you to copy data to mp3 ID3 tags with ease.

Our audio library search (think Spotify) and integrated playlist tool, gives you total control over your song database. Edit metadata and file information from within your browser and access global tools to update your entire catalog with one click.

Managing Songs & Contacts (CRM)

It’s vital as music creators that you have an effective way of managing all your song information in a secure and safe environment and flexibility to apply data to your audio recordings.

Our Works (songs) database system allows you to privately create Works and assign writers and rights holders, detailing their % splits on each song. Works include all metadata details including performing rights organizations and CAE / IPI numbers. Contact data acts as a music industry CRM tool where you can copy metadata to mp3 (ID3 tags) files matched to standards set by the Guild of Music Supervisors.

Playlist Pitching Like A Professional

Pitch like a pro. Our business to business pitching tool delivers better results.

Personalize each playlist, add custom URL links and brand each one as desired. It’s important to ensure you deliver a perfect presentation including file metadata. The ability to add comments on audio & video timelines improves the experience for the receiving party. All playlists are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Project & Brief Management

Create private and marketplace projects enabling you to collaborate online and share all your media files. Manage file submissions for any brief, both internally within Music Gateway and externally for non-registered users.

Intuitive workflow tools save you time and are ideal for remote working and collaborating internationally. You have the ability to star rate tracks, move files through a staged process and communicate with your collaborators online, including messaging across the audio timeline for feedback and critique.

 Sync Licensing Representation

We are a trusted source for licensing music to music supervisors, broadcasters, music editors and TV production companies.

This sync representation allows us to pitch your music on your behalf. We handle all the legal paperwork and pitching process with a sole aim to help secure placements within TV, film, games, advertisements, and retail stores.

Get email updates daily with opportunities to pitch your music!


A Sync Licensing Agreement is required to be in place for placement.


Currently there are over 800 public opportunities for all genres of music

Subscription Options

$25 Per Month

$20 Per Month

$250 Per Year

(Save Two Months)

$200 Per Year

Upon Receipt Of Payment:

Once we receive notice of your subscription, we will be sending an invite within 48 hours with a link to create your account.   Once your account has been created, we will set up a call or in person meeting to go over the platform, how to use it, how to get everything set up, and get you going.  *A SYNC LICENSING CONTRACT MUST BE SIGNED FOR SONG SUBMISSIONS*

Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mike at (646)397-3149 or Mike@LiveMicMusic.com