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What is an education?

It’s not how many books you read, how many papers you wrote, how many A’s you got.  It’s not what college you got accepted to or what major you studied. It’s a mind full of experiences, memories, positivity, ideas, tools, passion and drive.  Money can’t buy a good education in today’s world, an individual can only gain it.

I have the greatest education I could ever have wanted.  I’ve served our country around the United States, I’ve studied and lived in Europe, I’ve stamped pages in my passport, experienced some of the most famous events in the world and stood before people I never would have imagined.  I’ve also gained a four page resume, but filled with what? Jobs that I got bored of, jobs that I was “qualified” to do, jobs that didn’t interest me.

Who cares about the experiences that have no business being on a resume? No one but yourself.  You can’t use them to get a job, only to further your education in life.

24 years later, I sit with a beautiful daughter and girlfriend, bills to pay, and a life to live.  24 years later, I’m putting my education to use. 24 years later, I’m writing the last employer on my resume, that I won’t have to update, or impress anyone with.  24 years later, I am my own boss, I am Live Mic Music, and I’m here to share my education with the world through music and experiences.

Together, we can change the world and give everyone an opportunity to experience life as it should be.  


Mike Foschino
The Actioner