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Live Mic is setting out on an information collecting mission, and we need your help!  Over the next couple of months, we are going to be transitioning into a Non-Profit Organization.  Our mission statement is strong enough to raise money to achieve our goals, which is to help upcoming musicians “Be Found”.  We are going to be collecting data from all of our supporters:  photographers, videographers, producers, vocal coaches, bloggers, radio stations, venues, and of course, artists, to add up the costs of becoming a musician in today’s society.  
Raising money as a non-profit will allow us to directly fund the services artists need without charging artists.  You as a supporter will get paid, over time we plan to have full time employees working for us where we will be your direct source of income.  This is by no means, a small scale plan. If involved now, I promise you will rise with us.
How does everyone benefit?  If we can raise money to provide the finances for artists to grow, producers will get steady clients, photographers will get more gigs, videographers will get more content, vocal coaches will be known for growing so much talent, radio stations will play more original music, venues will showcase local upcoming talent, and artists will gain more exposure than ever before and enter the professional world and never have to “pay to play” again.
This is a movement to bring original music into the ears of thousands by educating and benefiting from the opportunities in the music industry today. let’s all be a part of the rise, no one has anything to lose, but a ton to gain.
Please select the category you fit into and fill our survey accordingly.
(Photo shoots, music videos, professional recordings, blogs in the industry, etc)
Email, Social Media, Music Links, Etc.
Vocal Coach
Radio Station
(Social media following, online streams, popularity, etc.)